C L O U D 9


Microsoft Bookings

Our Bookings training course provides attendees with the knowledge to confidently use Microsoft Bookings. Each session covers an overview of Bookings, how to create a bookings calendar, and how to manage the Services and Staff within the calendar, as well as creating and viewing bookings, and how this integrates with Teams and Outlook. Everything you need to get you started on your Microsoft Bookings journey.

With each of our training courses, we will work with you to tailor the course to your organisation, to ensure we meet your business needs.

A typical course agenda will include the following:

Getting Started with MS Bookings 


  • • Introduction to Microsoft Bookings 
  • • Benefits of using a Bookings calendar within your organisation
  • • Understanding access 

Creating a Bookings Calendar 

  • • Create your Bookings Page 
  • • Setting up Services – business offerings 
  • • Assigning Staff resources and allocate roles 
  • • Set notifications and reminders 
  • • Customise, Preview and Publish your Bookings Page

Managing Services and Staff Resources 

  • • Allocating staff resources and modify availability 
  • • Assign working hours and annual leave
  • • Define service schedule and staff 
  • • Set customer required information 

Manage Bookings

  • • Schedule a booking manually 
  • • Manage existing bookings, cancellations, and rescheduling 
  • • View calendars  

Other methods of OneDrive Access

  • • Review other access and shortcuts

Duration - 1.5 hour session