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OneDrive - Managing Your Files

Our OneDrive training course gives an overview of the functions and features of OneDrive and how it interlinks with the other Microsoft 365 applications including Sharepoint and Teams. We look at the different ways to access OneDrive and how to manage collaborative working on shared files. Each session covers everything you need to get you started on your Microsoft OneDrive journey or enhance those OneDrive skills you already have.

With each of our training courses, we will work with you to tailor the course to your organisation, to ensure we meet your business needs.

A typical course agenda will include:


  • • What is OneDrive?
  • • How does OneDrive link to wider 365 and associated applications
  • • What are the overarching benefits of OneDrive?
  • • Aims of training session

Overview of OneDrive

  • • OneDrive locations and the meaning of icons
  • • How to save, locate and manage your files to OneDrive
  • • Locating files using File Explorer
  • • Introduction to file management

OneDrive Statuses

  • • Description of the statuses
  • • Explanation of how these statuses can impact access to files

Sharing Files from OneDrive

  • • Why share a file from OneDrive?
  • • How to share files
  • • Collaborating in a shared file
  • • Managing access to a file you have shared
  • • Receiving a shared file from a colleagues OneDrive

Deleting Files from OneDrive

  • • Overview of policies and the result of deleting files
  • •How and when files can be restored

Accessing OneDrive Online

  • • How and when to use OneDrive online
  • • Difference of appearance and access of documents through File Explorer and web client
  • • Additional features available via OneDrive Online

Other methods of OneDrive Access

  • • Review other access and shortcuts

Duration - 1.25 hour session, plus 15 minute Q&A