C L O U D 9


MS 365 - Sharepoint

Our MS 365 - Sharepoint course provides attendees with the knowledge to confidently use Sharepoint for document management, storage and for collaborative working. Each session covers an overview of Sharepoint, document libraries, how it integrates with OneDrive and Teams and how to manage access and file versions. With each of our training courses, we will work with you to tailor the course to your organisation, to ensure we meet your business needs.

A typical course agenda will include:


  • • What is SharePoint?
  • • How does SharePoint link to wider 365 and associated applications?
  • • What are the overarching benefits of SharePoint?
  • • Aims of training session

Overview of SharePoint

  • • Overview of the landing page
  • • Understand how to access document management sections

Document Storage

  • • Overview of organisation document structure
  • • Understanding Document Libraries; accessing, saving and searching files
  • • How to synchronise or unsynchronise documents to File Explorer
  • • Saving shortcuts and how to access them
  • • Best Practice tips

Sharing files from SharePoint

  • • Why share a file or folder?
  • • How to share files and folders
  • • Managing access to a file or folder you have shared
  • • Receiving a shared file

Collaborative working

  • • Review changes made by clients / colleagues
  • • Restoring files
  • • Managing alerts for changes to documents
  • •How to access Sharepoint within Teams
  • • Understanding the link between Sharepoint and Teams

Duration - 1.25 hour session, plus 15 minute Q&A